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Globally, financial institutions see both challenges and opportunities in today’s environment. With technology emerging as the key enabler, delivery channels are changing fast. Even as the demand for financial services increases, customer expectations are rising manifold. It is important to have high-performing, fault-tolerant, reliable and scalable systems that are easy to integrate. TASMEA can help financial institutions stay ahead in a constantly evolving market. With our understanding of the industry, TASMEA is in a position to support your organization’s responses to both new and existing challenges, whether it’s maintenance of legacy applications, migration to browser-based platforms, integration of applications across different layers, workflow-management applications, document-management systems, Web-channel development or CRM and business intelligence initiatives to drive deeper knowledge of its customers and their markets.

Capital Markets and Investment Banking
Capital markets in general and investment banks in particular need to deal with numerous changes affecting their industry today. Technology can play a crucial role in helping players emerge successfully in dealing with such situations and build a competitive edge. TASMEA works with leaders in the capital markets and investment banking space to deliver technology solutions that address their key business priorities

TASMEA leverages its experience, functional training and market knowledge to deliver work ranging from:

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