In order to compete in the new global economy, successful organizations must recognize the need to leverage enterprise assets, close information gaps and streamline business processes into tightly integrated, end-to-end workflows. Access to information must be timely, accurate and comprehensive, whether the data resides in another department, on another system or across the enterprise. Collaborative work processes must be created, updated and systematically managed to respond to rapidly changing business conditions. Many organizations struggle with these competitive necessities because total system replacement is often impractical, yet disconnected best-of-breed systems and processes are no longer sufficient to meet competitive business challenges.

TASMEA and TIBCO have teamed up to help organizations realize their competitive potential by focusing on: better asset utilization, ubiquitous access to information, and real-time business results. TIBCO’s leading business integration and process management solutions are unparalleled in the industry and consistently deliver business value that exceeds expectations. TASMEA provides the Proficiency, Execution and Results organizations need to deploy TIBCO solutions and compete successfully in the new global economy. TASMEA delivers TIBCO EAI solutions to meet the following business needs:

  • Business Process Management
  • Application & Data Integration
  • Mainframe Integration
  • B2B Integration
  • Business Activity & System Monitoring
  • Enterprise Service Bus & Messaging
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Master Data & Metadata Management
  • Portal Solutions

TIBCO Software:

  • TIBCO BusinessWorks, BusinessWorks SmartMapper & Adapters
  • TIBCO Staffware Process Suite
  • TIBCO BusinessConnect, Business Partner & PartnerExpress
  • TIBCO BusinessFactor & OpsFactor
  • TIBCO PortalBuilder & PortalPacks
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service & Rendezvous
  • TIBCO SmartSockets, SmartPGM & SmartPGM FX
  • TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager, TurboXML & XML Canon
  • TIBCO HAWK & Enterprise Management Advisor
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
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