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Most enterprises don't fathom the magnitude of the impact that data quality problems can have," said Ted Friedman, principal analyst with Gartner. According to his research, a quarter of the Fortune 1000 companies are working with poor-quality data.

Friedman isn't talking only about corrupted data -- although that can be a part of the problem -- when he points to the pitiful state of data. Instead, data quality is defined by a number of components, ranging from consistency --whether the data is identical when stored in multiple locations -- to accuracy and relevance. If there's data, but it's not relevant to the process or project at hand, it's worthless, said Friedman.

At TASMEA we see this as an opportunity to be out there helping our clients get the most valuable information out of their vast trenches of data.

Technology Expertise

Benefiting from the expertise of our business analysts who bring in detailed business process understanding into projects, and having worked on multiple BI / DW engagements; TASMEA is able to deliver to its client’s value for their investments:

CRM analytics. CRM analytics focuses on the entire customer acquisition and sales management process. Key elements in CRM analytics that get addressed are the need for profiling and match merging of customer data. This is a mandatory requirement as the data is usually syndicated from multiple sources. We also bring in various quality and service level metrics that help in evaluating the effectiveness of the acquisition and sales management processes.

Supplier analytics. Procurement analytics focuses on entire procurement related processes and covers raw materials, packing materials and administrative purchases. We focus specifically on various metrics oriented towards vendor delivery and quality service levels.

Uniformity in financial reporting is gaining importance; especially with the onset of standardization in financial reporting stipulated by the Sarbanes Oxley Act TASMEA has analyzed the requirements stipulated by the Act and can provide services for consulting and implementation in this area.

Reengineering of data warehouses. In many cases the data warehouses get built quickly without much forethought on potential issues that can hit the data warehouse when there is an increase in the size and complexity of the data warehouse. TASMEA’S reengineering services are oriented towards reengineering existing data warehouses and marts with better tools and better data architecture to enhance scalability and performance.

Data warehouse consolidation. Organizations are increasingly finding themselves with a technically unmanageable data warehouse that also does not cater to the needs of a cross-organizational view. Some of the reasons being: mergers and acquisitions or unrestrained construction of data marts by individual functions. TASMEA offers specific services of data warehouse and data mart consolidation that addresses such situations

Reference data management. Reference data forms the core for meaningful reporting from a data warehouse. Managing this is an extremely complex task. TASMEA provides a service that addresses reference data from a holistic perspective of implementing the required tools and also addressing the organization process requirements to ensure a smooth reference data management in the organization.

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